There are plenty of unproductive swiflet's houses built by investors, which comes to a failure. Only by reading guidance books of Swiflet's breeding , by seeing other swiflet's houses or asking a question to the wrong consultant, some investors dare to invest their money in the business which can't be predicted has a good prospect. We have to realize that each swiflet's house has a different unique character and treatment. A different location, condition and population needs a different design and consultation too. It is related to the lay out of the swiflet's house, measurement of the hole in where birds can come in, the lay out of the hole in between room/floor, sound system set up, the way how to call the swiflets and also the form of the inside room. If you want to start this business you must get a lot of information about swiflet's houses from the right consultants and reputable company therefore the information received will be valid. Many people have been searching about swiflet's houses and swiflet's breeding in Indonesia. Dr. Nugroho, DVM known as the pioneer who starts giving a professional explanation through his books about swiflet's houses and breeding. His first book was published in 1989, before that he did some research and experiment. When he started the swiflet's breeding professionally for the first time, people were not interested in it yet. In the midst of 90's some investor was interested in doing this business. This kind of business grows rapidly especially when the economy crisis hit Asia. It made the price of bird's nest uprising. Since then, many investors from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine, Taiwan and Hong Kong (China) has been coming to Eka Walet Center in order to get advice about swiflet's houses and breeding.

Since we've seen many investors failed in the swiflet's business and they don't get right advice therefore Eka Walet Center will help you to develop swiflet's houses and breeding and also giving you correct advice in how to start the business. You will get the right explanation from the expert from Indonesia. For Consultation, Mr. Hary K. Nugroho (the son of Dr. Nugroho, DVM) who will come to the location directly to make preparation for management, designing, lay out, equipment needed, sound system arrangement and follow up.
It is proven that many people have got many useful things for over 15 years and we cannot mention them one by one who has been our clients. We also keep our clients data classified in order to protect their privacy and security.

To help you for breeding and building the swiflet house
The Swiflet Breeding Consultants

We visit to overlook your bird's house :

    How to build the birdhouse that suitable to your location
    How to renovate and finding problems of unproductive swiflet house
    Help you to design the suitable bird's house
    How to attract the bird come into the new house/building
    How to increase the population on the birds in your house
    How to change the grass nest (swift) to become the white nest (swiflet)
    Free follow up consultations

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